Forensic Science Society


British Academy of Forensic Science


American Society of Questined Document Examiners




Forensic Document Examination Services 


Our primary aim of our forensic document examination is to


answer professionally all questions about disputed handwritings,


signatures, and all contents of documents using a variety of


scientific processes and methods in high standard of quality and


in minimum cost for all our customers.



Areas of Expertise:


    • Forensic Handwriting Examination/Analysis.


    • Forensic signatures comparison/Analysis


    • Identification of handwriting and signatures.


    • Ink Analysis and comparisons of inks and identification of type of writing instrument .


    • Physical and chemical analysis of documents.


    • Anonymous handwriting.


    • Detection of alterations, additions, or deletions in documents.


    •  Valuable Document Examination.


    • Methods of printing documents.


    • Giving evidence in courts.














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